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Cloudcrest is a small website design and development studio located in Sydney, Australia which consists of one person. I am excited to work with all kinds of businesses, from large corporations, to independent photographers. No matter who I'm working with, it is my mission is to create you a custom, modern websites targeted towards your customer base which drives your customers to perform the actions that you want them to perform.

In business, I find that it is incredibly important to listen, be enthusiastic about the project, and to produce what is promised. Transparency is also highly valued as I believe being open about how my business is run will help ensure a long-lasting relationship with my clients.

My name is Matt Spence and I am the only person you will be working with. My two main passions in life are designing and coding, and websites are the perfect blend of these two passions. Websites fascinate me because they need to be beautiful, but they also need to be functional and finding the fine balance between the two is what drives me to become better at my craft. When I'm not creating websites, you'll either find me in front of my TV playing games (Fifa and Forza are my specialty), or on top of a mountain on a hike.

I believe that an attractive, modern website says a lot about the company. It states that the company cares about its image, they care about their product, and they care about their customers. If you would like me to create your website, or if you have any questions, I'd love to talk!