A websites level of success can be determined in many different ways but no matter how you judge it, it needs to be two things. It needs to be both attractive and functional. An attractive website draws the attention of its users and a functional website direct the user towards that goal as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Pawtraits And Pawprints
Pawtraits and Pawprints Portfolio Example

A business website for an animal photographer. As this is a photography website, the clients' photos needed to be the main focus of the whole website.

The desired workflow was: Enter the website View the photos View the packages Book a session.

This was achieved by including large images on the homepage, and then underneath those images, a vibrant button was used to point to the packages page. On the packages page, I then used these same buttons to point to the booking page. These buttons are a bright colour to direct the user to where we want them to go next.

Developer Portfolio
Website Portfolio Example

A portfolio website created to showcase the developers' side projects. The main purpose of this website is to include it on a resume to give the company a better understanding of what the developer has done in the past.

The desired workflow was: Enter website Go to either the developers' portfolio of websites or their portfolio of games.

I have created the homepage as two large buttons with eye catching images to help guide the interviewer to the more relevant page depending on the job the developer is applying for. The portfolio pages are basic so they don't distract the interviewer from the developers' past work. Links are provided so the interviewer can easily access the developers' side projects.

Jobs Defined
Jobs Defined Portfolio Example

A website used to help educate those who are looking for a career change or those who are entering the workforce for the first time. The goal of the website is to make it easy for those to look up job descriptions, and to make it easy for users to add new job descriptions.

There are two main workflows for this website. Enter the website Look for a job description OR Add a job description.

A search bar was added to the top of every page which allows the user to search for a job title and then quickly navigate to that page by clicking the link. Adding and editing job descriptions has been made accessible by a vibrant green "+" button appearing at the bottom right of most pages. Clicking this button opens a modal which allows for the user to quickly add/edit the job description.