Sydney Website Design and Development

Cloudcrest is a website design and development studio that focuses on building and improving websites for forward thinking companies who want to upgrade their online presence. When I design websites, I have three main guidelines in mind. All my websites must be; Targeted, Action Driven, and Modern.
Design Guidelines


By creating a website which is targeted towards your specific customer base, your customers will become more trusting towards your company and the products you sell.

By knowing your audience, and what they expect from working with your company, you can set the right expectations for your customer.

Action Driven

An effective website is one which provides the user with exactly what the need in the least amount of steps.

Creating a website around the desired workflow ensures that the users will have an easier experience with your website and spend less time wondering where something is. A streamlined website will also convey that their future experience with your company will also be smooth.


Websites are often the first point of contact for the customer with a company, and by having a clean and modern website, it helps convey that your company is a modern company who cares about their image.

Modern websites are also becoming vital as they ensure that all clients who access your website can find the information they are looking for, regardless of the device they are using.

The Process

When developing a website, having a clear understanding of the process can help make the whole experience quicker and smoother. This process also enables a better understanding of what will be involved. Although this is the preferred process, I am flexible and will be happy to accommodate your needs.

  • Research
    Before I start designing your custom made website, I need to gain a better understanding of what your website needs to achieve and what your brand is trying to convey. To achieve this, I ask you to provide 3-5 examples of websites that have a similar style to what you would like to achieve. It is often better to find examples of websites in the same industry so we can both gain a better understanding of what works within your industry and to know what we are up against.
  • Prototype
    After deciding on the style, I will then go away and create multiple mock-ups so you can quickly see what your website will look like and choose which version you like best. This discussion can be done in person, over the phone, or through emails, depending on your availability and location.
  • Development
    Once the prototype has been chosen, the development will begin. All Cloudcrest's websites are built in house and will be created by myself. I will provide you with a sample link throughout the development so you can see your website in action.
  • Deployment
    When the development is complete and you are happy with your website, it's time to go live! I will provide you with all the files and if you need assistance in deploying your website, I am happy to help!
Sounds good?
Unsure if you need to update your website?

One helpful tool to determine if your website requires an update is to perform a website design audit. A design audit can help explain what needs to be improved and give you suggestions on how you can improve them.

These suggestions can be simple fixes which you can perform (such as fixing spelling mistakes or adding more information in a section), slightly more complex fixes which require basic coding knowledge (such a changing colours and adding blank space around an element), to larger suggestions which require greater coding knowledge (such as changing the layout or fixing broken processes).

Although the Website Design Audit Process can be performed by most people, they are rather time consuming and without proper design experience, many aspects can be missed.